Don’t believe the hype

GoogleOffice = Microsoft killer?

While initiatives such as OpenOffice document formats and GoogleOffice will prove to be interesting, and yes it may very well gain traction in the industry, I must take a minute to call out some of the super hype articles predicting the down fall of Microsoft.  While making money for our shareholders and great software solutions for our customers is job 1 at Microsoft,  competition is also pretty high on my list of things that drive me to get up in the morning an go to work.  Truth be told new competition is fun and exciting, so I love the fact there are new and interesting offerings developing in these spaces.  I respect companies like Google but I hardly think Redmond is in a position of panic, regardless of what you think about the re-organizations and the reasons behind the re-organization.  A new time and day calls for new plans and a fresh approach.

If you have not seen the previews for the Office 12 system and the MSN Development Center on MSDN, I encourage to take a look at what we we have been up too lately.  It is a little more than SharePoint, IM integrated into Office and Smart Clients, these days.

I recall when Novell Netware, BEA, Netscape, Plumtree (Portals), IBM Lotus Notes (Knowledge Management), AOL, Java, Palm, TiVO, Cold Fusion, and yes Linux were all touted as Microsoft killers (The list of Microsoft killers get long over the past 10 years <grin>).  While many of these companies are very respectable and competitive (well at least some of them are still competitive), Microsoft will continue to innovate and thrive for a very long time to come.

I say bring it on, I love the competition and what it does for the market, and people passionate about technology.


Happy coding....



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  1. tony roth says:

    I’m a true believer in the fact that in terms of capabilities oss is behind and will be behind for quite a few years if not for ever. But I would not credit MS for anything other then maintaining illegal monopolies that made the competition disappear not better products. So I wouldn’t gloat about it!

  2. Travis Owens says:

    I posted this yesterday on another site but it seems to apply here…

    Google isn’t as much of a threat as people think. To some degree they are a threat, I can definetly forsee Google hosting web based office apps that store your files within your GMail account but the average business user will NOT use this, so it will have no affect on business sales. What that would affect is small/private business sales and home users. The home users often don’t purchase Office, they often use what comes free on their PC (ex: Microsoft Works) which probably cost them a mere $20 hidden into their PC cost.

    Now of course Google Office would be funded by AdSense words, which have proven to be so profitable that Google is offering free WiFi as a way to get more people on the net.

    Google has no interest in offering an OS and even if they did, it will HAVE TO support Windows apps, so they’d have to team up (purchase) Lindows.

    It always amazes me how much posters are ignorant to the fact that business sales are 4/5 or more of the market. The home users are a minority because while they only buy a PC once every 5 or so years, many companies buy new PCs about every 3yrs, which is almost twice as often, not to mention way more businesses have a PC per person ratio as compared to home users where 1 PC will service 2 or 3 working people and not every house uses a recent computer.

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