BYOD – Is this really an innovative trend?

Is BOYD really much more than email and calendar sync on non domain joined devices? I mean think about it, I have not really seen any real trends or innovation here. There is always one or two exceptions, so I am really thinking about what else is there to this trend outside of the device…


Migrating from labels in Google mail to categories in

It has come to my attention that there are some customers who are looking to switch to and they are wondering if supports the design concept of labels for organizing email. After fielding this question a few times I thought it was time to capture the response in this blog post. There are…


Considering switching to a Windows Phone?

I often get people who ask me the difference between Windows Phone and iPhone. Many people already know the iPhone platform so I thought I would share a few features I love about the new Windows Phone 8 that you may consider when switching phones.       The links below and short videos will address…


Microsoft – Live Tile Experiment

This is one of the more creative advertisements I have seen to date. Very cool!  


Bing Search Results Recommend Windows 8 Apps

When searching for news on Bing I noticed the recommendation to also use the Bing News App. On the right you will see “Apps for Windows 8” Interesting way to promote apps so you do not need to always search for which app to use in the App Store. I also noticed that Bing gives…


Samsung DV300F Camera with Wi-Fi and SkyDrive integration

I picked this camera up from Amazon earlier this week, and in the first few hours I spent playing with it, I am already saying this is an amazing camera! Anyone who knows me, knows that I have my fill of gadgets from camcorders, cameras, and laptops. tablets, etc. Let’s take a quick look at…


Enterprise social networks …

Enterprise social networks are the same as consumer social networks, it is about connecting people. Connecting people is the business value, you higher employees to work together to accomplish a series of goals. Social networking empowers better than any team, department or company meeting you can have in person or remotely. Business leaders make enterprise…


Windows 8 – UI Preview

A small taste of things to come in Windows 8. Yes, this is the official video from Microsoft   [View:]