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  1. Pop Catalin says:

    EF needs better and easier metadata API, currently it’s very hard and time consuming to browse through metadata and find meaningful information. (The documentation needs some improvement also).

    Entity Framework is a powerful new technology, that we are using for our new project that will be completed over the course of the following years (one to two years). We, the developers at my company, love EF, but it really needs some polishing in it’s current state. The areas that need polishing are: the Visual Designer, Metada API and Code Generation; the rest is very solid and has allowed us to create an infrastructure for our application that we couldn’t have dreamed about using other prior technologies from Mircrosoft, 3rd party or custom made.

    The Annotation features, will be absolutely great as long as the designer and code generation infrastructure can support them by default. Our edmx file already has 34500+ lines of code and it’s impractical to edit it manually.

    Best wishes,

        A Entity Framework fan and supporter!

  2. Meta-Me says:

    If you look at the EDM and in particular the metadata it considers important, one thing is clear: Persistence

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