Megan Smith – Wheelchair Fundraising Campaign

A charity fundraising event was held on the 10th November 2012 at Woodlands Street Social Club in Smethwick to raise funds to purchase Megan Smith a new Top of the Range Wheelchair, we raised £2,500.00 towards the wheelchair fund and it was a great success and I would like to thank everyone who turned up, and a massive thank you for everyone who continue to donate to this cause. I am reaching out in hope that you will support us in making this happen for Megan. Please take the time to read her story below and any donations would be most appreciated.

Megan is fourteen years of age and has a degenerative life limiting condition which is called ullrich muscular dystrophy for which there is no cure. The condition restricts Megan in many ways the worst restrictions are the fact she cannot walk and requires a powered wheelchair to enable her to move around. Megan also suffers from with respiratory problems which cause her to have frequent chest infections and her lungs to collapse, she also has a bipap ventilation overnight due to problems like this. Megan’s condition over the last few months has deteriorated causing her to have long stays in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. This situation led to Mrs Smith closing her own business because Megan needs 24 hour care.

On the 27th June 2012 Megan had a major operation to correct scoliosis of the spine which was making her respiratory problems worse, because her scoliosis was making her lean so far over her right lung capacity was reduced. This operation was vital but high risk it lasted 8 hours due to the complications of Megan’s condition. She then needed to be nursed on the intensive care unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital for 5 days.

Megan has now been discharged from hospital but still spends most of her time in bed as her wheelchair is no longer comfortable/suitable due to the straightening of her spine. This the main reason why we are kindly asking for you to consider any donation to fund a 'top of the range' wheelchair which Megan deserves and will make Megan feel happier and have a better quality of life. Any sort of donation would be appreciated.

Many Thanks for all your support,

Mr & Mrs C Smith (Parents)


* Name of Person & Donation Including Total Amount will be updated every 12 Hours.

Name Amount
 Fundraising Night - 10/11/12  £2,500.00
 Netman - EduGeek Member  5.00
 Elsiegee - EduGeek Member  10.00
 Witch - EduGeek Member  5.00
 Miscbrah - EduGeek Member  5.00
 LiamH - EduGeek Member  5.00
 RobK - EduGeek Member  5.00
 tom_newton - EduGeek Member  5.00
 KMount - EduGeek Member  5.00
 BossMan - EduGeek Member  20.00
 36Degrees - EduGeek Member  35.00
 Luke Jones - EduGeek Member  25.00



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