Matchbox360 XL Gaming – Cranmore Park 24th – 28th July

Thursday 24th July

Today was quite a quiet day, woke up at 10am and packed my bag to be away for the next 5 days, then got in the shower got dressed and made my wait out the house.

I jumped on the 14:00 103 bus into Birmingham city centre and listed to my iPod on the way 🙂 when arrived popped to the shop to get some drinks and food then caught the 16:00 train to Solihull. Nice 10min train journey then arrived at Solihull train and bus interchange and caught the number 6 bus to get near my location.

Once arrived jumped off the bus, walked to Sainsbury’s to get some money out the bank and went to the shop to buy some fags and another drink and the made my way to the event location Cranmore Park.

After a short 5 min walk I arrived to meet some other members off staff to be told that we can’t go in and set up until like 7pm 🙁 so we was all pretty pi**ed off.. Told the boss to wait a bit with the van and we went down the pub and had a few drinks.

Went back to Cranmore Park at 7pm met the boss there with the van and unloaded the stuff off... now i was doing the stage (cuz i am the strong one ;)) so unloaded that of the van and set it up with a hand from the stage company. All well

Then had to wait for the next lot of stuff to come... so whilst doing that we all got all the tables set up and i configured the switches to be networked with the all the consoles.. And set the Nintendo Wii's up.

Finally the rest of the stuff arrived and it was 1am in the morning. So unloaded all 80 consoles and 80 TFT Screens and everything else.

So I started setting up the Stage with the 10 consoles we have on their linked to the projectors that we had... finally got that done and programmed in by 2am... whilst everyone else was begining to set up the other consoles and screens.

Once I had finished, I gave them a hand... networked the consoles... and tested the conosles to make sure they worked.

Finally got everything set up, apart from a few things and the security systems... but the Cranmore Park Securty guard wanted to go home... which was far enough it was 3:30 in the morning. So we finished off the little things and left the rest until the morning.

Headed back to the Hotel... arrived there at 4am... but never went to sleep as there was no point watched TV for a little while... jumped in the shower... got some breakfast and then headed back to the event for 7am.

Friday 25th July - XL 5 Day 1

So arrived early in the morning and finished setting up the little bits left... and installed the security systems...

everything was ready to go... opened the doors at 9am - Konspiracy and Becks on the Reception to let the gamers get there wrist bands and off they went and flooded the hall (450 Gamers)

So first hour was Free Play so everyone was just playing on the conosles.. And then at 11is the Gears of War FFA Tournament Kicked off along with the Call of Duty FFA.

Wont go into detail how it went... but saw some fantastic gameplay... i was Gears of War and Call of Duty Admin so Ran those to tournaments... very good.

The day went really well finished at 9pm... Everyone went home and I got back into a taxi back to the hotel. 🙂 Very Tired.

Got back to the hotel went to sleep.

Saturday 26th July - XL 5 Day 2

Well got up early arrived back at the venue for 8am... let the gamers in at 9am like usual...

Today was the Gears of War 4v4 Tournament and the Call Of Duty 5v5 tournament and the Halo 3 FFA Tournament.

I again was Admin for the GoW and COD tournaments... but wont go into detail on what happend throughout the day but i survived put it that way.

Anyhow 9pm all the gamers went home and all the Staff went to the pub!

Now here’s the fun part... so arrived at the pub everyone got there drinks and myself... (Yay Got served) and we all sat down... had a nice chat

Then one of the guys took my drink of me for a joke and said nawty under age cant be drinking that i asked for it back and they said no so i had to do a dare to get it back so he made me crawl under a fence and go under a low sign whilst bending backwards (which i couldn't do) was very funny. But finally got my beer back.

Next they robbed my fags... to get them back I had to jump over a fence into the next field... so fine did that jumped over to find a very wet peice of grass i landed in.. And a field full of sheep... 🙁 so jumped back over and got by beer back.

Now Jay (FiveohOne) one of the other Admins... asked for a volunteer silly me vounteered (cuz i am a great player... love the fun) so went to him... then he asked for someone else... Damien said I’ll do it so here’s me and daminen standing there.

Jay Said to Damien here’s 3 pound... go to the mens toilets and get a "Blue Pill" it has another name but i cant remember it. So of he went and brought it back. Jay then said right EduTech (me) you now have to take this pill... and take it. So after a bit of debating of me going no i dont want to etc... They finally made me take it: . At this point I was very embarrassed I what might happened :(.

Then they nicked my other beer and I had to put a condom on my head to get it back. 🙁 So I did it.

So a Very Fun night... for everyone else... and i got up to some extremely bad things. Lol but hey it’s all good fun and made us all have a great night.

(Pictures are to come in a few days)

Anyhow it was getting late and we all started walking back to the cars... but nothing yet had happend where the blue pill was concerned... for me was great but everyone else was just taking the piss haha. (In a joking way)

Anyhow never went back to the hotel this night went back to Konspiracys place... and stayed there.

So arrived there had a coffee and started chatting next thing Kon lets his dog in... : gave him a love etc and we just started chatting next thing the dog started humping my leg...: S i tried to get him off but he just wouldnt let go... next he jumped on me and started humping my back :S was getting very scared at this poing i am laughing my face off and so his Kon and my mate Spin was also laughing. (Recorded on their phones awaiting footage and you can see).

Was not a good time at all... getting humped by a dog...: so it’s now offical Kons Dog is Gay!

For the record the Blue Pill never actually worked... i was told later on by the guys that came to the pub that there was a very low chance of it working if i never had 1. A girl Present and 2. Actually was in the mood for Sex. Both of which I wasn't so that explains for why nothing happened.

.. So unlucky Jess u might off missed out on a good night lol... 🙂

Anyhow moving on

Sunday 27th July

This was the last day of the event where we saw the Halo 3 Final... Call of Duty Final and the Gears of War Final...

Day was very good... really good fun we gave away £10,000 in prizes to players so was extremely good. Well done to everyone there.

Again everyone went home at 9pm all the staff stayed behind and we had a Team Night Feast.

Pizza... Beer... Gaming... 😀

Stayed there until about 12 and then we all headed home (me back to hotel)

Monday 28th July

So the Event was over today was packing away day so spent the whole day Myself.. Konspiracys... Boffy... Jay and a few other staff packing away everything.

My first task was to take down the stage... as I was the only one who knew how. But this time I was on my own so was very hard 🙁 as it was stiff to take
apart but finally did it then me and kon loaded it in the van and took it back to the suppliers.

Get back to the event got everything else in the van... Everyone had gone now and I and kon headed back to his place to unload the van. It was about 6pm now.

Finally got back to kons... unloaded everything and just sat down and chilled out for about 30 mins. It was now 11pm and I wanted to get back home. So on the way popped into KFC and got some food and then went home threw everything in my room and went to bed: D

and I can’t explain how nice it was to get my bed back... 🙂 i just died.

I did speak to Jess on msn though before I managed to get to sleep.


so there you go there’s my update to now... very fun as u can see... and very embarrassing at times but in a good way.

Look out for the Pics and Videos will get them as soon as possible

By the way woke up on Tuesday at 17:00 (lazy me)


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