ISA 2006 FBA Customization application

I have been customizing our ISA login page today, now i found it pretty straight forward as i understand css etc but i understand that many people dont.

I found this small application that will allow you to easily personalize the look of the ISA Forms Based Authentication Page.

It's pretty easy to use, launch the .exe which is in the folder attached (generally on your ISA Box)

Point the source to ("C:Program FilesMicrosoft ISA ServerCookieAuthTemplatesISAHTML")

and then using the drop down boxes change any text you wish to change i.e. (Domainusername > username)

You can also add your own school/college/company branding by clicking on the image you wish to change at the bottom i.e. Header and then on the bottom right there is an option to upload a new image you have created. you generally want to apply that change to all pages unless you have a reason to have a different image on different pages.

Unfortunatly you cannot change any colours using this application, but that option will come in the near future according to the Developer.

Hopefully this will come in useful to users who dont understand CSS etc that much.

Oh yeah, this should also work for things like Exchange etc as well.

I have attached the file below


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