EduGeek May 2008 Conference

Well went to the May Conference up in preston:

A selection of pictures from the Conference can now be found at albums at - a few notes will be added soon (along with comments for the pics).

Enjoy.. and no we aint all drunken IT Proffesionals 😉

Oh and Jenny the Horse in there too... see if you can find her =]

How did it go? well..

Arrived there on the Wednesday so i did not have to travel up early on the thursday as no one likes catching the train at 5:30 in the morning. so yh was there on the wednesday and caught up with some of the other lads. checked into my hotel and just chilled out for a bit.

Wednesday night went out with the other lads that came early and we all went for a curry (not my best place as i dnt like it) but went there and had a few beers aha. then once we had finished eating went to another pub round the corner and had another few beers before went back to the hotel in a taxi. (at this point most of us were still sobar as we had a conference to attend to next day haha)

Thursday well day of the conference wont boar you with what happend, but it went very well learnt some stuff about school policys which grumbledook was talking about and got a few contacts from the guys at Net-Ctrl and Smoothwall 🙂

Well now here comes the fun part the thursday night 😀

Well at 5pm we all went for a meal at the pub next to the hotel which was very nice i must say i had Chicken breast with chips and mash potato 😀 yummy. but we all had rather a few beers. 7 at that point myself haha.

After the meal and drinkies we moved onto another pub up the road and had some more beers but it was very busy there. at about 10pm nearly everyone went back to the hotel but 8 of us including me decided to move in to the town centre.

So we jumped in a taxi and headed to preston town centre, and went to a student bar 😀 where we had quite a large amount of beer again and then to get us all on the edge a few tacelliers

While doing that we played pool 😛 i repeat tried but had very little luck trying to win aha.

At about 1am when the student bar had closed we moved and went to club number 1 😀

Now we was all a little scared as with me been the youngest of them all worried me not getting in but thank fully i never got id'ed so we went raving away. with more beer ofcourse. at this point we had all consumed quite a large amount of nice drinking stuff (alchol) and we got a little restliess as far as i can remember i was banging my empty glass at the bar asking for another drink haha. next thing i new i was been chucked out haha. so everyone else followed and we went on the stroll.

Come accross to drunken ladies who decided to ask Gav out, trying to get him to go back to there place haha. but we just ignored them as they were messing about with cones ^o)

Gav was so eager to find a strip club (he's that kind of guy) haha so we went looking for one 🙁 but we couldn't get any luck so we just scrapped it in the end as we was fed up of walking into police haha.

So we went to grab some food from the nearest chip shop.. 😀 so we was all there for about 30 mins eating away while Joe was being sick in the gutter Eww!

It was getting on to about 3:45 in the morning so we went to the taxi firm and got a taxi back to the hotel. arrived there about 4:15 and we all strolled up to bed.

Next morning time to go home work up at 10am Without a hangover 😀 woop woop. got showerd and dressed and went down stairs for some breakfast which wern't very nice i must add.

At 11:30 jumped in car back home. yet i must say no one had seen Gav wake up lol.

So theres the EduConference for yah

And nooo we aint all druken IT Proffesionals 😉

** just to add gav eventually got woken up by his boss at 12pm and got home ok lol **

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