Calendar Webpart and Installation

I have had a number of staff ask me for a calendar that looks like this:

Unfortunately you cannot get this view by default in sharepoint you have to install this webpart and link that to the calendar you create.

It works very well, in fact all of our calendars on our sharepoint site now look like this instead of just a line of events happening on that day, or recently added events.

I have attached this webpart to this blog, along with the command to install the webpart. Follow the instructions below

1) Download the attached Zip File which contains a .cab and .txt file
2) Extract the zipped folder and put the .cab file in the following directory "Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12BIN"
3) open up command prompt (Start > Run > CMD > Enter)
4) Go to the root directory by typing in cd  
5) then navigate to the directory which holds the stsadm.exe the command is - cd Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12BIN and then press enter
6) now your in the directory that contains the stsadm,exe type in this command - stsadm -o addwppack -filename -force -globalInstall and then press enter
7) it will hang for a few seconds and then you should be prompted with "operation completed successfully"

If you do not get operation completed successfully, check you have typed in the command correctly.

Please Note: There are mutiple ways to install webparts, the above is just one of them if you and advanced user then you might have a prefered way of doing this

I'll make a note, and at some point i will blog all the different ways to install webparts/templates.

Once you have done the above, for piece of mind you could check to make sure the webpart has been deployed successfully by:

1) Launch Central Administration Console
2) Go to Operations
3) Under Global Operations click on solutions
4) find the webpart you have installed, in this instance it will be called "calendar webpart" and in the second column it will have a status if it says deployed your all ready to go

Go to a site, click on Site Actions > Edit Page > Find an appropriate webpart zone > click add webpart > select calendar webpart > press ok

If you have any problems, feel free to give me a shout


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