The list below are company's in which i recommend to undertake work in which they offer as a business, I have been a customer of these company's in the past and will continue to be customers of them because of the fantastic service they have provided to me. You may know of cheaper company's shall we say but the work in which these business have carried out for myself and been first class and i think i am right in saying that anyone would pay that bit extra to have first class customer service and after sales. I hope it helps people out there whom maybe looking for any services in which these company's provide.

IT Networking and Communities

EduGeek.Net is a 30,000+ Member Strong Community, which brings IT Professionals' from all over the world both In and Out of the Education Sector. I've been a member of this community for 4 Years now and have played a mixture of roles from being a Newbie, Member, Support and Board Moderator. I've enjoyed every part i have played to help out the community and to this day like to be involved with the discussions that take place and also help out other members within the community. It's a very resourceful website for people just starting out in IT or/ people whom have worked in IT for years and wish to get help on New and Old Technologies or whom just want to pass on there knowledge to other IT Pro's around the world. EduGeek is involved in many events such as BETT which takes place at the start of every new year in London at the Olympia, Hosting it's own Conferences that brings members together plus many more. EduGeek is run by 4 Administrators:
Chris Byers (DosBox) - Founder of
Shaun Garriock (ZeroHour) - Webmaster/Developer
Ric Charlton (Ric_) - Events Manager / Admin
Russel Dyas (RussDev) - Marketing & PR Manager

My Alias is EduTech on the Forums.
Website Address:

IT Specialists


Cutter Project  are a company that i have worked very closely with in the past when we were implementing VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) at a secondary school i worked in previously. The Service and Knowledge they have is next to none which is why i as well as themselves would refer to them as VDI Specialists. They are Oracle GOLD Partners as well as VMWare Enterprise Partners and pretty much specialize in every aspect of Virtualization. They are well known for the professionalism and outstanding planning and implementation. A Company I HIGHLY Recommend for your VDI and Storage Requirements. Website:

Paul Heather - Designer

I have known Paul for quite a few years now and have used him many times in the past and no doubt will do in the future for all my design requirements, I met Paul on and we have been speaking ever since. He Creates all of the Artwork for itself (logos etc) and he is also the man behind the design of EduTech Hosting. I would recommend Paul very highly to anyone who comes near to mentioning the word Design to me.

On the Web Front he is very good with the Joomla Content Management System, He is also the chap who compiled together the EduJoomla package over on the EduGeek Projects Site.

Paul is your man for any Design/Web Development requirements! Highly Recommend him as do many other members on the community over at

EduGeek Profile

Motor Vehicle Services

Lodge Tyre Company whom were establish in 1936 are one of my favorite company's to deal with, they provide the best service i have ever seen in regards to dealing with Car Tyre's they treat all there customers with the up most respect and do a fantastic job ensuring that your vehicle is safe on the road. We all know tyres can be a painful problem when we need them but i know that when i go to these chaps they are extremely honest and if they can help me out to save me some cash they will do. Everything they have done for me has been great from getting Brand New Tyres ordered and fitted at a time that suits me to recommending products to help save me money and make my car more economical. The staff are very friendly and were very good when i asked them to explain how certain things worked as I'm always up for asking questions. Great Work Guys! Website:

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