How to deploy Microsoft Lync Phone – Polycom CX500/600/3000 Updates


Microsoft have now released the UC Updates for January 2013 and so I thought I would use this chance to just add a further entry to my blog in order to help you out if you have not deployed these before.

For your Lync Phone Edition handsets to pick up the updates you need to ensure that you have created relevant entries within your DHCP Scope which is something you would have done when setting these up for the first time anyway. but just to make sure you might want to have a read through a post I have wrote previously. Microsoft Lync Phone Edition Polycom CX Handset Configuration

First you need to download the Cumulative updates for Lync Phone Edition for Polycom CX500, Polycom CX600, and Polycom CX3000 telephones. You can download January 2013 updates here: KB Article 2737911

Once you have downloaded the UCUpdates.exe then go ahead and run this on your Lync FE Server (Any server will be fine). This will extract a file.

Take note of the location as to where you have stored them, i normally extract the updates to D:UCUpdates_Polycom.

Once complete, go ahead and launch a Lync PowerShell Console, and then run the following command:

Import-CsDeviceUpdate -Identity "service:WebServer:<insertpoolname>" -FileName

If you are obtaining the files from a network location then you will need to change the patch slightly to look like this:

Import-CsDeviceUpdate -Identity "service:WebServer:<insertpoolname>" -FileName




When this has completed. Login to your Lync Control Panel and then navigate to Clients > Device Update

If the import worked, then you will see the updates here pending approval. Go ahead and approve the updates relevant to your organization by selecting the update and then select Action > Approve.










Once you have approve the updates, go ahead and restart your Polycom Handsets and the updates will be applied.

If you find that you have problems with the updates then you can rollback to a previous update. If you do not have them on your server due to this possibly being the first time you have applied them, then download the updates and import them as above and then you should be able to roll back to an older version of the software.



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