EduTech Hosting

EduTech Hosting is the name I have chosen to promote the Internet Service I provide to ALL Schools, Charities and Non-Profit Organizations. Since I started working in the Education sector, Web Hosting is something that seemed to crop up quite often, either people are receiving a bad service, paying too much for the services they are receiving or not receiving a good service at all.

My ethos is to provide FREE, fast and reliable Web/Email Hosting for anyone that should require it, I also  provide a service to people who need it but do not come under the three areas I cover, for a  small fee (to help with the running costs.)

Many people ask me why I offer such a service at no cost to them and it’s a really hard question to answer if I am honest. I offer the service because it is in my nature to be helpful and help others out and unless you really know me as a person you may find that harder to believe than others. The costs incured for providing the server are covered by me and will always be covered by me but with the help of donations by people using the service or by people whom need to pay for said service(s).

I carry out all the support myself - you will interact with me directly rather than a support desk and all replies will come from me. I endeavour to respond to queries and problems within 24 hours.

If you wish to enquire about setting up an account for yourself, please feel free to contact me via:

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