Microsoft UK Education Webcast: Virtualise your schools’ servers with Microsoft Hyper-V and save money

More and more schools are starting to look at server virtualisation as a way of reducing cost, through hardware and energy savings. Since 2008, Microsoft’s virtualisation solution Hyper-V has been included as part of the Windows Server operating system, and is therefore a cost-effective yet powerful solution.

In this session you will hear first-hand from Alan Richards of West Hatch High School who have virtualised their server estate and are saving around £12,000 a year on hardware and running costs.

This session will introduce the technology and discuss the steps a school should go through to achieve a successful implementation.

here will be time available to have any of your questions answered.

Date and Time

June 11:00am-12:pm

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See you there! 🙂

Hosted by Richard Lane @ Microsoft

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