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  1. Raymond says:

    Obselete, registration page has changed. credit card is now a required (3) step.

    1. Indeed. I shall be taking this article down in the near future or amending it so that the up to date guidance is presented. Which for reference is that now we have the Azure AD Blade available in the new management portal their should be no need for customers whom are not using Microsoft Azure Cloud, and need to access the Azure AD Features & Configuration to go via the old management portal which has a requirement that said person signing in has a Azure Subscription which is why we made this $0 subscription (Access to Azure AD) available a few years back in order to cater for this whilst we worked on the new portal / blade. We have updated the O365 Portal so that it re-directs you to the new blade which does not require the person signing in to have an Azure Subscription in order to manage there Azure Active Directory.

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