Microsoft release SkyDrive application for Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X and iOS

I think every person that uses Microsoft SkyDrive has been waiting for this release for a long time now, Microsoft have finally released a SkyDrive Application for Windows, Windows Phone, MAC OSX and iOS enabling users to view/upload/download files from SkyDrive instantly from either device.

I have not had chance to check out the application for OSX myself because I do not own a Macbook of any form but from what I have seen using it on my Windows OS it is brilliant and infact I think I will start to use my 25GB of FREE STORAGE as oppose to just using my SkyDrive account for OneNote Sync and the odd pictures.

You can download the application here: Windows SkyDrive Download Portal

I hope that we see more adoption now from School, College and Uni Students because as per my previous Blog Post I feel SkyDrive is a powerful tool for them to use that will prevent them from loosing coursework, assignments etc.






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