Microsoft IT Academy Summit – Slide Deck

For those of you who attended or were unable to attend the Microsoft IT Academy Summit at Microsoft HQ on Wednesday 19th October I now bring you the Slide Decks for you to refer back to.

If you have any questions or wish to pass on feedback to the Microsoft Team then please contact me or/ submit your feedback using the comment form provided.

Thanks again to Microsoft Education Team and to all the presenters and attendees.

The Agenda was as follows:

9.00 Welcome
9.30 Introduction: Greg Pearson - MSFT UK Lead
9.40 Keynote: Karen Price - CEO e-Skils, Steven Uden - Head of Skill & Economic Affairs MSFT
10.10 ITA Benefits and Update: Greg Pearson - MSFT UK Lead
10.40 Product Development: Simon Garratt - QCA
11.10 Microsoft Lync: Ewan Dalton - MSFT

11.40 BREAK

12.10 Product Development: Ken Gaines - City and Guilds
12.40 ITA in Practice: Alan Stevens - Sawtry College, Julian Brunger - Walsall College, Richard Seaton - Open University
13.40 LUNCH
14.10 Microsoft in Teaching and Learning: Lee Stott - MSFT
15.30 Academic Service Partners - Prodigy and IT Skills Company


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