Microsoft Cloud Based Solutions – New Business Venture?

Hi All,

I'm hoping this does not generate much "anger" but the below is generally how "I" as a person look at things and is how "I" as a person think and believe! as you can probably guess by the end of it I'm not a Sales Person! πŸ™‚ I'm a pure Techie guy but I like to think about others and do things to help them. (If you are thinking WHAT? you'll probably understand more if you read down below!) πŸ˜‰

I have always had quite a good ethos towards helping people out and doing what i can for other people whether it be a "Single Person" or a "Business" which as most of you know is pretty much where "EduTech Hosting" came from, to help others out and to provide a service that would be useful to many people especially people whom would benefit from using such a service to complete a project they are working on or/ develop there skill set and again would benefit from having some Web Space.

With the above in mind I have been thinking quite a bit recently, I like to keep up to date with the latest in technologies that are either being researched or/ coming out in the near future and if i am honest they are generally 'Microsoft' orientated. I tend to keep up to date with what happens in the Research and Development sector of Microsoft and also with any new releases which will be coming out. I try to BETA test what i can or/ get it setup as soon as it appears on TechNet or/ GP because it is what i enjoy and it helps expand my knowledge in Microsoft Technologies and likewise to help others whom maybe thinking of doing something and these releases could help them towards acheiving their goal (not always to an advanced level in some cases mind!).

Anyway, Without going on and on! with the release of the 'Cloud' based systems that Microsoft have announced recently be that Microsoft Office 365 or/ Windows Azure or the latest one being Windows InTune it kind of makes me wonder if there is really a new business venture out there providing these technologies to Small/Medium Businesses but without the High End Costs some businesses have to payout.

I guess in away it's not something that many people would be interested in as it's not going to be something that could make them millions of pounds! but if you take the ethos that i have in regards to "EduTech Hosting" and use that for helping out Small/Medium Business or/ Even Charities and Non-Profit organizations whom could not afford to have highly trained staff to look after there systems I think it is something that could work.

Obviously you would have to generate some form of income to "live" as we all know that things are not getting any easier at the moment with the rise in living going up and the like, so it may take some more thought but I am sure money could be made from somewhere.

In theory, because Microsoft InTune and the other cloud based services do not really cost that much it would mean that companies do not really have to pay 10k+ for systems to be put in place and then pay out more costs in the future once these become out of date. So what they would pay for the cost of the services from Microsoft Cloud Based Programs which from first look appear to be very good! and do give Small/Medium Company's or/ Non-Profit Organizations pretty much everything they would need. If you then added a small fee for on top of the 'cost' price for Microsoft Cloud Based Services for a 'Person' in the first instance to look after the clients you could in theory build up some form of a decent salary. (it does only have to be a small fee as with enough clients it could pay a good salary for one person and because of how simple it would make looking after a network it would really only take one person with a good technical background to look after a fair few clients) i.e. 2k per year per customer for around say 10 Businesses or/ Organizations would pay someone 20k per year approx.

So, for example if you take myself as a general scenario and the fact that i am quite a technical person whom could pretty much look after quite a few company's on my own with everything being in the cloud and not having to maintain any kind of server based hardware or systemsΒ  and everything was done via Microsoft InTune and Microsoft Office 365 I could look after enough companies quite easily due to the cloud based systems and the fact everything can be done remotely and have quite a decent amount of funds to be able to allow me to live. Obviously then as this grew over time you would be able to get someone else to do pretty much the same kind of thing. (I would miss being able to look after my own servers mind! πŸ˜‰ but i can get my own and i can smile again!) πŸ˜€

So I think something like this could work, if someone had the similar ethos as to what i have and was not just thinking about the millions of pounds they could make and more about how they can help others out in this time of financial struggle and in turn then be able to keep other companies running and therefore potentially doing something that to a business is possible quite small but that "small" part could make a big difference to that company allowing businesses to stay on the market and therefore less people loosing there jobs etc.

I'm not going to over what i am trying to get at, but the point i am trying to make is that i think these services/solutions that are being released and are proven to work very well for these sectors could help make things much much easier for businesses out there! and best of all if it was me! i would be very happy about the fact that what i am doing is helping out so many people and that they are happy and have very good IT Systems in place as we all know that a lot of companies now NEED stable IT Systems in place in order to function as a business.

Further more I think that likewise these services can help companies whom need an IT Member of Staff on site full time it could also make that persons life so much easier but most importantly allow them to be more efficient and effective towards that business!

I'm not sure what everyone Else's thoughts on this type of thing would be, but i would be grateful for any feedback that could be given!

So Remember! Don't Just look for pound signs! think about how you as a person could make a BIG difference to other people out there and still actually give yourself a good chance in life to do well and obviously give you the financial ground to live! without ripping off other companies which is one thing that really gets my back up! πŸ™‚


Thanks for Reading, Apologies for any Spelling/Grammar Errors it's not my strongest point! πŸ™‚ Microsoft word can only do so much when it's trying to work out what i am trying to type or/ say! πŸ˜‰

I have only really touched the base of what is going through my mind at the moment! but I'll try and elaborate more once I've got the Positive/Negative Feedback.



Microsoft Cloud Services 'Cloud Power'

Microsoft Office 365

Windows InTune

Windows Azure

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  1. Simon May says:

    Excellent post James and you have a very intersting point about the cloud creating the potential for new business models. Windows Intune in particular sparks a very similar idea in my head, we are seeing and have been working with some partners doing the same kinds of things – the mulit account console lends itself to the idea perfectly. But as a one man band it could work well and personally I think it could enable a kind of hybrid “muse” business as Tim Ferris refers to them whereby you get maximum flexibility but it’s service not product based.

    The same goes for Office 365 to a certain extent.

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