Teenagers and Mobile Phones

A question that always seems to crop up recently is "What Is the best Mobile Handset for me to purchase?" and my response always goes along with a few questions,

Everyone seems to want to purchase a Blackberry Handset at the moment due to the Feature it provides called Blackberry Messenger, and how most Children/Teenagers seem to want one for themselves, but ask youself this "What does every Teenager want to be able to do on there phone?" well the answers is generally talk to friends or go on facebook, correct?

So why is it that everyone wants to get a Blackberry to do this?

What i can't understand is, if they want to use Facebook or other social networking websites why they would want to purchase a Blackberry handset to do this? which does not come with a Friendly Interfaceable application? such as what you can get with an iPhone or Windows Mobile 7 or Android.

Blackberrys are great handset's don't get me wrong, but personally i think they are for the Business Sector due to the fact they can be controlled more central compaired to other handsets, they are NOT Designed for Teenagers/Children to browse Facebook or Interact with there Friends. Yes they may have Blackberry Messenger but that's the only bit of software that appears to be what they want to use.

If they download an Application on to there iPhone or other handset on the market called "Ping Chat" they can do exactly the same thing as they can do on BB Messenger via that interface but most importantly with those handsets they can get a Nice Friendly Facebook Application and the like.

It's just something that has loads of questions recently, and i can't see a reason as to why they all want to have a BB Handset?

Discuss 🙂

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