Activate Blackberry Handset with BES Express

I have been meaning to post this up on here for a wee while now, but have just been too busy to actually get round to it.

I have noticed a few people are the net appear to have problems when it comes to activating a blackberry handset on BES Express. The Wireless Enterprise Activation does not always work in the environments your are in and therefore it is better to do it using the Web Desktop Console. Each user once provisioned should be given rights to this anyhow, so it's only good that they get to use it initially.

I imagine most IT Admin's would be the people whom activate the handset's anyhow, but hopefully these steps will come in handy for anyone whom may be having some difficulty.

I will update the document in the next couple of days to show Images rather than just text.

Generally the above instructions will just work, but on some occasions i have had to Wipe the handset in order for the task to be completed due to user changes before hand which for some reason have had an effect on this completing. so if it does fail initially, bare this in mind also.

I hope it helps,


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  1. Hi James,

    The link to the PDF file is broken – any chance you can re-upload or point me in the right direction?



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