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I’m James Evans; I am the eldest of 3 and I have been working in IT for around 9 years. I am very passionate about IT; it’s not only my job/career but also my hobby. I specialize in Microsoft Technologies, In the past I have managed to acquire a very broad set of skills across all of Microsoft Product Stack, Since being employed by Microsoft my primary focus is around Microsoft Cloud Services at an Identity and Access Management  Service Level. Although for obvious reasons my career is generally focused on Microsoft Technologies I also specialize in VMWare Virtualization Products, Oracle Storage and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure & Research In Motion Blackberry Enterprise Service including Mobile Voice System.I'm a Senior Escalation Engineer EEE-Dev at Microsoft Corporation, an "Embedded" Escalation Engineer is an elite member of the Windows Serviceability Team with direct access to the Product Group in the Identity and Security Services Division (ISSD), as well as the Microsoft Online Services Hosted data center environment. My team lead engineering investigations to bring issue resolution to Support incidents impacting our customers. we also have the opportunity to directly improve the support provided to our customers via the global team of engineers who interface with customers on a day-to-day basis.

A very important part of my role is to Identify emerging trends or re-occurring escalation scenarios and drive engineering opportunities to mitigate and/or eliminate from the workflow. This can include a range of potential work item categories; such as self-healing mechanisms, transparency, automation, and/or increasing the capabilities for Azure Active Directory. My position is primarily “behind the scenes” providing engineering support to the Worldwide Microsoft Identity Support Teams whom work on Customer Support incidents and require Product Group engagement. At the same time we occasionally engage directly with customers to help facilitate incident resolution as appropriate.

We 'Value' customer feedback, it is you that help us shape the future and ensure that 'Microsoft' deliver to you the service capabilities and features that you want most! so don't keep it to yourself, reach out to us using vast amount of communication channels available to you... and get your voice heard!

You can find out further information about me via LinkedIn which is accessible using the following URL: James Evans (EduTech) LinkedIn

I am the Founder of EduTech Hosting; it is a non-profit organization I created to help out EduGeek members who required Hosted Services for Personal Use & Education Organizations although it has now expanded out to non-profit organizations irrelevant of the sector. It is a FREE and Reliable hosting service and it is built on the sort of infrastructure you would get from a Hosting Provider you would pay a premium rate to use.

I am a Moderator on one of the Largest Educational IT online forums (EduGeek .net) which currently has a user group of around 55,000 members and growing every day! I am regular member on EduGeek.net and spend a great amount of my time helping out other members who have questions or problems. It is a very friendly community to be apart of, which is why I enjoy being part a part of, and it will only continue to grow and get better!

You can find me on various Social Networking Sites the URLs to these are as follows:

FaceBook | Twitter | EduGeek

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