Preview – Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync (AADSync)


Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync is something that I am sure many of you are going to be pleased to hear about! this is going to help those of you who maybe have more complex deployments I know this is seen quite a bit in the education sector from the early days (traditional) where by you had a STAFF & STUDENT Forest and it possibly still exists and it's getting in the way of you moving your services to Office 365 for example because you can only move over one group of your user base unless you implement FIM 2010 R2 or have two separate tenants.

Please take time to read the documentation provided by Microsoft on the Customer Technology Preview and also stay tuned for updates that will be coming out no doubt in the next few months around this product. The below will give you an rough idea, and follow the URLs to the Official Content that will be updated regularly.

Please do not implemented this release into your Production Environment, apart from that Get Involved in the Preview! Your Feedback is important and we look forward to hearing from you! I for one am very excited about this, and I hope that you are too!

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync Services (AADSync) is used to onboard an on-prem environment to Windows Azure Active Directory and Office 365 and continue to synchronize changes. It is used for more advanced scenarios where DirSync does not provide support, for example multiple on-prem AD forests.

AADSync is currently available as a preview. You can get access to it by joining the preview program on

WARNING: You may not use this release in a production environment.

Make sure to read the documentation at before installing the product and visit it again for updates.

Provide feedback using "Feedback" here on Connect. This will get you direct access to the PG and support.

Release notes and known issues

The release notes is documenting known issues with the customer technology preview (CTP) of Active Directory Sync Services. It can be particularly helpful for customers who are used to FIM2010.

Customer Technology Preview (CTP)

AADSync is available as a customer technology preview. It has all intended features and can be used to understand and validate the scenarios described in the scenarios overview. It does not represent the final product when it comes to quality, use in a production environment, and performance.

With the CTP we are looking for feedback regarding:

  • Is the configuration created by the installation guide suitable for most deployments?
  • Can your advanced scenarios be solved with the provided functionality?
  • Is it (reasonable) easy to understand the concepts?
  • Are there terms used which are confusing?

Please provide the feedback though the program on

It is not going to be supported to upgrade the CTP to later releases.

I am very excited about this latest update and from what I can hear in the community this is going to be great for those of you with more complex deployments that are looking to adopt Microsoft's Cloud Services!

Please feedback via the programme on your experience!


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