Office Ultimate for £38.95

Just a quick signpost to the Ultimate Steal, a programme that allows UK students purchase Office for a seriously reduced price. I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before but thought it was worth resurfacing as its a cracking deal and for those of you in your final year your last chance to grab a bargain….

Getting Started with Azure #1

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform allowing deployment of .NET applications with flexible scaling. My colleague Paolo recently wrote a great introductory article for our Faculty Connection newsletter which outlines the fundamentals. Over the coming months I will be writing a series of posts focussed on getting you started developing with Azure. In this…


Build on IE8 and Win a 360 Elite

Microsoft are currently running a competition where you can build an IE8 Accelerator, Web Slice or Visual Search to win and Xbox 360 Elite as well as promotion for your project in a range of Future Publishing titles. Mike Ormond has all the details – this is a great opportunity to grab yourself a cool…


Free MCTS Certification Through DreamSpark

For a limited time Microsoft is offering free vouchers to sit an MCTS exam through the DreamSpark programme. The MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) stream is aimed at developers and IT professionals and is available in multiple flavours relevant to a raft of developer and infrastructure technologies. Full list of MCTS certs. DreamSpark is available…


Student Celebration Day Slides

To follow on from yesterday’s post I wanted to share the slides from the MSR talks: MSR Overview – Andrew Herbert Getting from A to B: fast route-finding using slow computers – Simon Peyton-Jones Curing Cancer, Halting global Disease Outbreaks and averting Dangerous Climate Change – Drew Purves Proving that programs eventually do something good…


Student Celebration Day

Yesterday we held a big event at MSR (Microsoft Research) Cambridge  to celebrate the success of UK MSPs and Imagine Cup Contestants. The day included a series of fascinating talks from MSR and Microsoft (slides and video to follow shortly) and culminated in an award ceremony for MSPs and Imagine Cup winners. Team TKCL (Kings…


X48 Update – Games Now Available for Download

A really quick update on X48 – all the games are now online so you can see for yourself what can be achieved with XNA, 36 hours and a crate of Red Bull! Seavolution – The winning game from X48 Technorati Tags: XNA,X48,Microsoft,Pixel Labs,Channel 4,Games Development


X48 Wrap Up

It’s all over – early Saturday evening 80 exhausted students left Derby University for home after spending 36 hours producing some awesome games using XNA. The top three prizes went to: First Prize – Huddersfield Green’s Seavolution Second Prize – Huddersfield Orange’s Involved Third Prize – Team Newport’s Bellis Perennis and there were a bunch…


Students to be able to develop apps for SkyMarket for free!

Kudos to Paolo for getting to this one first. Simply put when Windows Mobile 6.5 launches an accompanying app store dubbed Windows Marketplace for Mobile (codename SkyMarket) will also launch. Developers will be able to build mobile applications and for $99 PA sell them through Marketplace receiving a 70% revenue split. What’s really neat is…


MSDNAA Software HowTo Video

MSDNAA is Microsoft’s subscription for technical schools/colleges and universities which allows them to offer their students access to a whole raft of Microsoft Software for free. Access is granted in one of two ways – either physically (an administrator downloads and burns relevant software and then lends the discs out to students) or online (the…