Inspiration Tour back on the Road

Yesterday saw the first of this academic years Inspiration Tour events at Bradford University. This year we’re running two sessions; one focusing onrich application development using Silverlight/WPF and the other on XNA games development. The content is designed to introduce these technologies and give an insight into their commercial application (with lots of cool demos…


Inspiration Tour Wrap Up Video

Regular readers of this blog will know that a huge amount of my time this year was dedicated to taking new technologies on the road and showing students how to get started with them. In the end we travelled over 15,000 miles to speak to 4000 students at 60 UK universities! We thought it would…


Inspiration Tour Update

We’ve been on the road since October, traveled over 15 thousand miles and spoken to nearly four thousand students about Silverlight, XNA and Windows Embedded amongst other technologies. As we’ve gone to each university we’ve taken photos which I’ve been uploading to Flickr with geotags. I’ve now built a nice little Popfly app which uses…


All Inspiration Tour Sessions Now Online

To follow on from my previous post about the Inspiration Tour on Channel8 I just wanted to let everyone know that all of our sessions are now online: Introduction Silverlight   Windows Embedded XNA   Technorati Tags: Inspiration Tour,Channel8,XNA,Silverlight,Windows Embedded

Inspiration Tour Now Online!

As many of you already know this year we have been touring UK universities on the Inspiration Tour talking about Silverlight, XNA, Windows Embedded and how these technologies are relevant to the student audience. We’ve had a lot of great feedback about the content and thought it would be cool to bring it online so…


Shift Happens Presentation

Whenever we give a presentation on the Inspiration Tour we like to run a deck called ‘Shift Happens’ as the audience enters the room. This particular presentation has been doing the rounds online for quite some time and states some key facts which demonstrate the development of IT and the effect on the day to…

Happy new year – now get to work ;)

Hopefully like me you’ve all had a great Christmas but I’m guessing that also like me today was the last day of your holidays :(. I thought that to kick off the new year I’d remind you about some upcoming deadlines (Aren’t I kind!). Round One of the Imagine Cup Software Design Competition ends on…


UKStudentZine Article – Tech on Tour

I recently wrote an article about the developments in technology since we have been running the Inspiration Tour with information about expected advancements in 2008. The UKStudentZine is a monthly newsletter for students published by Microsoft which includes articles about technology and our student programmes. You can view my article here and sign up for…


XNA Game Studio 2 Released and Entry to Dream-Build-Play 2008 Opens!

Yesterday the much anticipated XNA Game Studio 2.0 launched adding support for all versions of Visual Studio and online multiplayer gaming. To learn how to get started, install Game Studio 2.0 visit and get some code samples visit All your existing  v1 games will still work and any ongoing projects can easily be upgraded….


Inspiration Tour Update

As we’re nearing the Christmas break I thought I’d put together a post about the tour so far… Since the third of October we’ve visited 20 universities all over the country, travelled in excess of 6000 miles and spoken to nearly 2000 students. The reaction has been great and we’re in the process of adding…