YoHo Kablammo Sets Sail!


Some time ago I blogged about about an Imagine Cup Entry called Drizzle built by a bunch of guys at Huddersfield University. What I failed to mention is that they had previously built a game called Yo-Ho Kablammo which scored them second place in the Dream Build Play competition and a publishing contract for Xbox Live Arcade.

Huddersfield University is unique in that it has a game studio on campus, it’s called Canalside Studios and is staffed by students.image Yo-Ho was built by the guys whilst on placement at Canalside.

Yo-Ho has now launched and is available on Xbox Live Marketplace. It’s well worth checking out to see what can be achieved with XNA (and a lot of hard work).

XNA is a great platform for building casual games and with the launch of Xbox Live Indie Games it’s easy to publish your creations and earn some cold hard cash.

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