MSDNAA Software HowTo Video

imageMSDNAA is Microsoft's subscription for technical schools/colleges and universities which allows them to offer their students access to a whole raft of Microsoft Software for free.

Access is granted in one of two ways - either physically (an administrator downloads and burns relevant software and then lends the discs out to students) or online (the administrator uploads students email addresses into the system which generates and sends credentials to each student so they can login and download the software they need directly). If you're a member of staff at a secondary school/college/university who wants to find out how you can get MSDNAA then drop me an email, if you've already got it and want to start administering it online then take a look at this video.

If you're a student and want to find out if your institution has MSDNAA then you can do a search (if you can't find your institution then why not send your tutor an email with a link to this post ;)).

If you have been emailed a login for the online system and are wondering how to get started and download some free software then you're in luck, one of my counterparts in the States Hilary Pike has put together a great video tutorial.

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