IT Academy Student Pass – Free eLearning

imageA little while back I posted about a great new programme we launched which gives students free access to official Microsoft eLearning courses.

To sign up you need a unique code which authenticates you as a student, the great news is these codes are now available (along with a bunch of free software) from DreamSpark. For more information about DreamSpark take a look at my posts here and here and to see exactly what's included in IT Academy Student Pass take a look at the official site.

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  1. Yatin says:

    My only problem is that I can’t sign up as my NUS Extra card will not work. A support query said they are not supported even though it clearly says they are.

  2. edunhill1 says:

    Yatin – If you drop me an email via the link on the right nav I will try and get you up and running on DreamSpark.

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