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imageYesterday Miguel de Icaza posted on his blog that Moonlight version 1.0 (the open source implementation of Silverlight for Unix) has now been released. Moonlight is a collaboration between Microsoft and Novell as part of the Mono project and is a great example of Microsoft's commitment to Silverlight's cross platform compatibility.

If you are running any Linux boxes why not head over to the the Moonlight download page to get the bits and try it out.

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  1. Robert Phillips says:

    my email is

    I installed moonlight 1.0 on my ubuntu 8.04 system, and i was impressed by the nice graphics on the download page.

    But after googling around for linux moonlight, trying netflix, visiting the microsoft silverlight page, I tried somehow to ‘invoke’ moonlight (which I assume is some sort of viewer), but I cannot find so far a single link to click to see something moonlighty happen.

    Do you have such a link? I’m just curious what the hubub is about, frankly.

  2. edunhill1 says:

    As Moonlight is simply Silverlight on Linux there are loads of sites out there containing content including The one thing worth noting is that Moonlight v1 only supports Silverlight v1 content – so if you see a placeholder which says you need Silveright installed to view it probably means that the content was built using Silverlight v2.

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