Imagine Cup Games Dev Videos

Now that the deadline for the Games Development invitational of the Imagine Cup has passed I thought I'd share the videos that the UK teams made to promote their games:


These guys pulled out all the stops and produced some awesome games here, now we've just got to wait for the results of the judging to see if any of them are coming with us to the Imagine Cup final in Paris...

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  1. mark Dunne says:

    Some of the games look pretty good. Some of them don’t seem fit the theme of the competition fully (Badger Bill) but I suppose everyone has their own interpretation.

    I would like to see some demos available for these games. My entry “Free Radicals” is available here ( for download.

    Also Drizzle graphically look like a great game, but I question the lack of in-game/gameplay footage. I want to see more.

    Anyways best of luck and I hope to see soe of you guys in the finals. 😉

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