Inspiration Tour Update

imageWe've been on the road since October, traveled over 15 thousand miles and spoken to nearly four thousand students about Silverlight, XNA and Windows Embedded amongst other technologies. As we've gone to each university we've taken photos which I've been uploading to Flickr with geotags. I've now built a nice little Popfly app which uses virtual earth to show you all the places we've been.

You can take a look at the live application here, if you haven't used Popfly yet, I'd really recommend you visit and have a play.

We've only got another 5 tour sessions to go:

  • 9th April - The University of Plymouth

  • 16th April - The University of Manchester 

  • 23rd April - University of Southampton

  • 2nd May - City University

  • 7th May - Nottingham Trent University

And then that's us done until next academic year, it's been great fun but it's nice to cut back on the traveling 🙂

image If you haven't had a chance to see the presentation live we have also recorded all of our sessions and hosted them on Channel 8. Click here to watch them now!

While you're there it's also worth visiting DreamSpark and bagging yourself some free software. If you do have any problems verifying on DreamSpark take a look at my post here.

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  1. With only 5 dates left to go, the Inspiration Tour presenters are quite excited about what has been achieved.

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