Pacman – Powered by XNA (and Silverlight)

Those readers of the Microsoft Studentzine newsletter will have seen Ben Coley's series of articles helping you create your first game using XNA. He's walking readers through the creation of Pacman adding new code and gameplay each month. His first two articles can be found below but if you want want to keep up to date with this and other tech tutorials you should sign up to the Studentzine here.


Dom Green, a MSP at MMU (and soon to be Microsoft employee) has taken Ben's example and ported the code to Silverlight v2. Because Silverlight v2 uses .NET and C# it is very easy to port content from other .NET platforms such as XNA especially if (as in Ben's example) they're not using to many (or any) platform specific libraries. In fact Dom has taken it one step further and implemented functionality which Ben (as yet) has not ;). I think this should be an official race... who'll get a fully fledged version of Pacman live first, Ben on XNA or Dom on Silverlight; only time will tell!

You can check out Dom's articles on porting Ben's code and getting his Silverlight app live here, here and here.

(A word to the wise - If you have the Silverlight v1 runtime installed make sure you manually uninstall it before installing the v2 beta 1 required to view Dom's demo)

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  1. Cornel says:

    Why Ben is not blogging anymore?

  2. Ben Nunney says:

    Stick a tenner on Dom for me 😉

  3. edunhill says:

    Oi! 😉 I’m a bit limited by the fact that I have to post once per month for the zine… that said…. bring it on! 🙂 loser buys the beer at the next event?

    Cornel: I stopped blogging for a while on my personal blog because all I was doing was the Inspiration Tour, and after blogging about that 5 or 6 times, I decided they looked too similar to keep blogging!  I have been blogging about technology on the UKStudentZine blog, so keep your eyes out there for more interesting stuff!  That said, the tour’s more or less finished now, so I’ll be blogging a bit more frequently 🙂

  4. Kris Athi says:

    Whey, thats awesome

    well done Ben and Dom 🙂

  5. Urm, with the exam period coming up might give Ben a chance to get back in the lead.

    Need to spend some time doing movement for the ghosts now.

  6. chaitanya says:

    what about the part-III of Creating your first game

  7. eastlyfe says:

    Nice 2 meet u all… Im very happy that ur article can help me more 2 programming a game. I really appreciate that u all can share ur experienced with me by email me or msn chat d…


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