DreamSpark Verification Update

Just a quick post today with a couple of bits of useful info about DreamSpark...

I have had a few mails from people who can't find their university listed in the 'Select your school/organization' list on the DreamSpark site. If your uni isn't listed you should still be able to verify using either your Athens ID (provided by most universities) or ISIC (number on ISIC or NUS Extra cards) - see below.

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If you have an NUS Extra card all you need to do is select ISIC and enter the last 12 digits from your NUS Extra card.

If your university isn't listed, you're not provided with Athens IDs and you don't have an ISIC or NUS Extra card then take a look at the FAQ. If you still can't get verified then click here to get in touch.

If you have downloaded software from DreamSpark but are wondering what to do with the iso file then there is an excellent guide on Channel8 written by UK MSP Kris Athi. Check it out here.

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  1. Zaid Amer says:

    Oh thank you very much, its working fine now and i downloaded Expression Studio with my Athens ID

    thanks again

  2. We’ve been on the road since October, traveled over 15 thousand miles and spoken to nearly four thousand

  3. wildernessbill says:

    We have just joined the UK Federated Access Management system and our students could now use this system to apply for this offer. The only problem to this, appears to be the fact that Microsoft seem to be reticent to regularly refresh their metadata from the Federation. There seem to be a lot of Colleges and Universities who have signed up to the Federation recently only to find that their Institution is not on the Microsoft Dreamspark WAYF list.  Ed. Do you have any influence to get those that matter to get your WAFF refreshed regularly??

  4. edunhill1 says:

    Hey Bill,  

    I have asked for the list to be refreshed and aparently this has happened now. Let me know if you’re still not on the list.



  5. John says:

    I tried to sign up with my Athens ID and was flatly rejected! I got an error message saying:

    “Your home organisation has not registered to use the Athens to Shibboleth gateway. Please contact the service provider or home organisation for assistance.”

    which I don’t really understand. I would have thought that being able to prove you have a .ac.uk email address might have been enough – would certainly be simpler.

  6. edunhill1 says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Please contact DreamSpark support: https://support.microsoft.com/contactus2/emailcontact.aspx?scid=sw;en;1333&WS=DreamSpark

    Unfortunately we could not rely on .ac.uk email addresses for verification as these are often made available outside of the student audience and are not always revoked when students leave university. Also in some instances eligible students are not issued with .ac.uk addresses by their institutions.



  7. Richard says:

    I have had a long string of rejections by the Dreamspark site on my ISIC number. I was advised by the card issuer to omit the alphabetic characters from each end – just using the numeric part (which I don’t think is documented anywhere). Lo and behold, validated …

  8. Computer Repair says:

    Great post, really helped me understand how this all works, thank you! I will come back again.

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