XNA Game Studio 2 Released and Entry to Dream-Build-Play 2008 Opens!


Yesterday the much anticipated XNA Game Studio 2.0 launched adding support for all versions of Visual Studio and online multiplayer gaming.

To learn how to get started, install Game Studio 2.0 visit and get some code samples visit http://creators.xna.com/Education/GettingStarted.aspx. All your existing  v1 games will still work and any ongoing projects can easily be upgraded.

If you saw my previous post and installed GS 2.0 Beta you will need to uninstall it before installing the new release.


To mark the release of GS 2.0 entries have also opened for Dream-Build-Play 2008. For those of you who have been to an Inspiration Tour session you will of heard me talk about last years competition and show you some of the excellent games that were submitted.

This year the theme is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and you can submit your game from the 20/12/07 through to the deadline on the 27/01/07.

The prizes this year are amazing as always; Five finalist teams will each receive:

  1. An invitation to show your entry at GDC 2008  in San Francisco, CA.
  2. A $3,000 (USD) stipend per team.
  3. A one-year subscription to the XNA Creators Club for each
    team member.
  4. An interview for an internship at Microsoft Research,
    Lionhead Studios or Rare Ltd in the UK for each team member.

For more information and to register visit the Official Dream-Build-Play website.

Comments (2)

  1. Sean says:

    Not quite all versions of Visual Studio — if you’re an early adopter of VS2008, you’re stuck doing a side-by-side installation of VS2005 and VS2008 to run GS2

  2. edunhill1 says:

    Very true. GS2 supports allversions of VS2005 with VS2008 to follow in the future. However there is some info here: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/game/XNA_And_Beyond.aspx about embedding GS projects in 2008.

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