Microsoft Inspiration Tour… Coming to a university near you!

We are currently busy preparing to launch a new initiative which will see me and several other members of the academic team touring the UK to deliver technically focused content to students. Each and every university has the opportunity to host one of these sessions so start pestering your lecturers to visit The Inspiration Tour Site and contact Claire Perry to get a date in the diary.


Each session will cover the fundamentals of .NET, show our latest and greatest developer technologies and highlight what opportunities are available for students. For more details click here.

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  1. Is it just me or is the site for the Inspirtation Tour not working yet?

  2. edunhill1 says:

    The site went live yesterday but can take 24hrs to replicate across the cluster. I’m seeing it live now at

  3. Now Popfly is in public beta and the Inspiration Tour is in full swing I thought it’d be a perfect time

  4. Yesterday we visited Hull University to deliver the latest Inspiration Tour session. The turn out was

  5. Yesterday the much anticipated XNA Game Studio 2.0 launched adding support for all versions of Visual

  6. Hopefully like me you’ve all had a great Christmas but I’m guessing that also like me today was the last

  7. Hopefully like me you've all had a great Christmas but I'm guessing that also like me today was

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