Graphic/Web Design – How It Is Used in Business

MacArthur Mascot - Cardinal  Campus Technology Media Fair

I am presenting on Graphic and Web Design in Business today to students of MacArthur High School's "Business Image Management & Multimedia" class.  Here are several websites that give great examples of innovative graphic and web designs that we will be checking out:

Live Search

Cool Microsoft Silverlight & DeepZoom Demos

Surface – Designing for next generation multi-touch displays

PhotoSynth – Take part in 3D photo browing and deep zoom technology today

AutoCollage by Microsoft Research - Automagically create unique and fun collages of your digital photos

Channel 8 - Microsoft Education Blog

Imagine Cup - Worldwide Student Design & Technology Competition - 2009 Cairo, Egypt

Microsoft DreamSpark Program - Free Microsoft tools for students: Expression Studio, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows Server, XNA Game Studio, …

Microsoft Virtual Labs – Free fully online labs you can complete from any internet connected PC.  You will print out the PDF lab instructions and connect to our remote virtual lab environment by installing a small ActiveX control in your browser.

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