Graphic/Web Design – How It Is Used in Business

   I am presenting on Graphic and Web Design in Business today to students of MacArthur High School’s “Business Image Management & Multimedia” class.  Here are several websites that give great examples of innovative graphic and web designs that we will be checking out: Live Cool Microsoft Silverlight & DeepZoom Surface – Designing…


CareerForward – What do you want to be when you grow up?

Free Online Career Development Course Now Available to 16 Million Students NationwideMicrosoft, Michigan Department of Education and Michigan Virtual University offer CareerForward to help students prepare for a 21st-century workplace. Every child and many adults still wonder, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” This is an excellent online career development course…


Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams & Time Management – Dr. Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams – How to Live Your LifeGiven at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) – Tuesday, September 18, 2007Video: Website: Maybe you’ve already seen this or read the book, but if not be sure to watch Randy Pausch’s amazing 1:16hr last lecture.  For some background, Dr. Randy Pausch passed away…


Microsoft Visual Studio Middle School Power Toys 1.0

The  is a software package created by Microsoft to help middle school students learn about computer programming. It consists of the five components described below. Sort Designer Control is a supplementary teaching tool developed to help middle school students learn the basic concepts, algorithms, and implementations of popular computer sorting algorithms. It supports bubble and…


Fun Brain Teasers For Kids and Adults

  These brain teasers can lighten the mood and provide a nice diversion for kids (and adults too).  When I speak to elementary school students about important skills to learn to work at Microsoft or any job for that matter, I stress the importance of hard work and good problem solving ability.  Here are some…


WorldWide Telescope – Change the way you see yourself in the universe

  It’s Live!   “The WorldWide Telescope takes the best images from the greatest telescopes on Earth … and in space … and assembles them into a seamless, holistic view of the universe. This new resource will change the way we do astronomy … the way we teach astronomy … and, most importantly, I think…


RoboChamps – Microsoft launches virtual robot programming competition

 Microsoft has launched an open robotics competition and website for hobbyists and students, as well as professional developers. asks entrants to develop code for six different competitions in a simulated robotics environment.  The virtual robots will compete online in a 3D environment based on Microsoft’s April 2008 updated Robotics Developer Studio package. Would-be robot programmers…


Popfly Game Creator – The Popfly family just got a little bigger

Starting today, game creation is now officially accessible to everyone.  You don’t have to be a physics major or hard-core coder to create your own personalized game using the Popfly Game Creator.  In fact, you can create your first game in three easy steps through Popfly’s intuitive interface. Select your actors:  Choose from nearly 400…


EDUFun – Making education fun for kids of all ages through innovative use of technology

My goal for this blog is to allow parents, students, teachers/professors and administrators to share questions, ideas and resources on innovative, effective and fun uses of technology in and outside the classroom to facilitate life-long learning.  Please share your thoughts using Comments or send me a note directly.  I want to hear from you.