Building dynamic staff, student and parent portals

Webvine ( are an Office 365, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM consultancy with large and small clients, including a number of education customers in Australia. Next week they are running a breakfast briefing on Thursday 30 June, in our offices in North Ryde, to talk about the examples of school projects they have completed in NSW….


How to migrate large data sets from on-premises disks to Office 365

School IT teams sometimes face very different challenges to business IT teams (and have to solve them with smaller budgets and less people). Moving services to the cloud is an example, because once you’ve made the decision to do it, you’ve got to deal with moving hundreds of gigabytes of data for thousands of users…


Australian Education Case Studies Update - November 2015

One question that I’m asked frequently about new projects is: “Who else is doing this?” In some cases, what people (partners/customers) are looking for is confirmation that they’re going to be at the innovative edge – and that what they are doing hasn’t been done before. But most of the time, they are looking for…


How to write a NSW School plan using the 5P strategic planning template

Here’s a question: If you’ve got a deadline just around the corner for creating a strategic school plan, what’s the best way to do it in a way that is still collaborative and inclusive – and hits the deadline? It’s a conversation we had with the Goal Huddle team about school planning templates for NSW…


Solving the biggest problem with Office 365’s SharePoint in schools

I’ve come across implementations of SharePoint in schools where it has been rolled out as another vanilla IT service – a bit like a shared network drive, or a plain portal. And the IT team are so overloaded with projects that they haven’t had the time to personalise the look and feel to make it…


Office 365 - Ignite Technical Training in Sydney–April 2014

Office 365 Education is based on exactly the same platform as the full-blown enterprise-grade Office 365 system used by companies globally. One of the benefits of this is that you get the same Service Level Agreements for the cloud service that one of Australia’s ASX50 companies would get. And another significant benefit is that as…


Office Web Apps–the new Office Web Apps Server

Two years ago we introduced Office Web Apps – browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. They appeared in a number of places – for example, you could work directly with them in the cloud, using SkyDrive. And they also ran on SharePoint servers, so that you could be opening and editing documents directly…


How quick is it to setup Office 365 for education?

John Kleeman, founder of Questionmark, is a big SharePoint user, and passionate about the use of SharePoint for assessment in higher education (you can read more about their work here). So I follow his SharePoint and Assessment blog – I wanted to share one of his recent blog posts: A couple of weeks ago he…


Can your SharePoint become your Learning Management System?

Over the last six months I’ve written about Learning Management Systems (LMS) quite a few times. I’ve asked questions like “Do you really need a Learning Management System?” and “Are SharePoint Composites the future of the Learning Management System?”, and shared some research, like “One third of colleges considering changing their Learning Management System” and…


Do you really need a Learning Management System?

I was reading a blog post from Jonathan Rees earlier – a Professor of History at Colorado State University – where he discusses briefly the usage of the Learning Management System (LMS) (‘An uncharacteristically subtle post for me’). It was accompanied by a chart showing the use of different components of their Learning Management System…