How to install Microsoft Classroom in Office 365 Education


Microsoft Classroom is a free service for managing all classes and assignment workflows for teachers and students, which is available in Office 365 Education. In addition to the web service built into Office 365 Education, there are also iOs and Android apps for your students to get easy access from any of their devices.


imageLumagate, one of our Microsoft Education Partners in Norway has written a brilliant guide to deploying Microsoft Classroom (in both English and Norwegian). I know that many Australian customers will find this guide handy, as it steps through every single part of the process to install Microsoft Classroom into your Office 365 Education tenant.


The whole guide to install Microsoft Classroom is published on their website at, and there’s also a download link to get the English version as a Word document.


To add the free Microsoft Classroom service to your Office 365 Education service, there are three basic requirements:

  • You must have an Education tenant for Office 365 (it is not available to non-education organisations)
  • You must have Exchange Online and SharePoint Online active (users must have an online email mailbox, and have access to SharePoint Online)
  • You must be a Global Administrator of your Office 365 tenant (if you’re not, then IT will know who is!)


    If you meet the three criteria, then you’re ready to use the guide, and to provide the Microsoft Classroom service to your teachers and students.

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    Get the guide to install Microsoft Classroom in Office 365Education here

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