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Teacher Dashboard is an app for Office 365 Education that lets you easily share files and assignments with your students, and then allows you to grade them and provide feedback. It’s a web-based classroom manager tool for Office 365 that customises your school’s system to support the teaching and learning process, and gives your teachers tools for the most common processes they need to do.

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It’s designed to allow your teaching staff to:

  • Share a homework assignment to an unlimited number of students with one click.
  • Teachers get a high level view, in real-time, of their student’s OneDrives
  • Create teacher-defined groups for each subject, ability and year group with just 1 click
  • Upload files to your OneDrive and share directly to students through the dashboard.
  • Simple multi-class management tools allow teachers to quickly and efficiently assign and track documents between classes
  • Mobile device ready - able to be used on all devices including tablets and smartphones

Students can easily submit their assignments online, and Teacher Dashboard creates a folder structure that helps them keep their work organised, and automatically gives teachers the correct access to the correct folders.

You can read more about the teaching and learning value of Teacher Dashboard on the Australian Teachers blog

Teacher Dashboard is now free for your first 100 teachers

imageThe news that’s just been announced by Axis12, the developers of Teacher Dashboard, is that it is now free for schools to use with up to 100 teachers (after that, there’s a subscription fee for additional licences).

The team have also added a bulk importer, to allow you to import classes directly from your school’s SMS/SIS system.

How to download Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard is available through Microsoft’s Office Online store – installing it on your Office 365 tenant is something that your school’s site administrator does – and there’s a simple 3-step process to install it. Once that’s done, it’s then available to all the teachers to start using.


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Comments (6)

  1. Mike Folse says:

    Where is the bulk importer for teacher dashbaord? We are starting to pilot this program but can't find the importer.

  2. School Admin says:

    It's in the 'classes' section Mike.

  3. Patrick says:

    Can parents see homework posted?

  4. Teacher Dashboard 365 says:

    We're about to make class and teacher syncing even easier with the introduction of the 'AAD Sync' feature for Teacher Dashboard. This will allow you to automatically sync class and teacher data directly from your Azure Active Directory and is due to be released in July 15.

  5. Iain Sinclair says:

    As system admin can I import one csv file for all teachers, students, or does each teacher need to import for each of their individual classes. Thank you. …..Iain

  6. Teacher Dashboard 365 says:

    Hi Iain,

    Teacher Dashboard accepts a single CSV file to import all your teachers and all your classes in one operation. If you need an easy way to convert your source data into the format required by Teacher Dashboard, you can download a macro from our help desk site at

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