Webinar: How Office 365 Education helps students learn

We’ve got a webinar coming up in two weeks for Australian schools:


The subject of our next school-focused webinar is “How do you give your students better learning experiences with a rich, interactive collaborative environment that will prepare them for the demands of a 21st century workforce?

We’ll show you how Microsoft Office 365 Education could enhance communication and collaboration in your classroom and inspire new ways of teaching and learning. We’ll take a look at how St Andrews Anglican College are using Office 365 Education to enhance communication across the school and improve student outcomes. And you’ll hear how your school can take advantage of these very same opportunities at no cost, with the Student Advantage program.

  • Inspire new ways of teaching
  • Empower your students to work on group projects simultaneously – in and out of the classroom
  • Mark projects and essays wherever you need to be, without cumbersome paperwork
  • Foster open communication via a school-based social network
  • Inspire innovation and creativity among your students
  • Hear how St Andrews College deployed Office 365 Education to encourage student confidence with technology and improve school communications

The speakers are two of my favourite experts – Mark Tigwell, who works with NSW schools, and Fiona Sims, who’s the manager for Office 365 Education in Australia. And the session includes a live chat feature so you can get instant answers to your own questions. You can find out more, and register below.

The webinar is at 4pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) on Wednesday 14 May.


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  1. Seven says:

    Hi Ray, No one seems to be able to give me an answer on this: Is Microsoft going to provide Yammer Enterprise with the A2 Education plan? The reason for this question is that I heard that MS was going to phase out the Web app social newsfeed feature on SharePoint and replace it with an embedded Yammer web app. Yammer is pretty well useless to pre-tertiary education without the admin features available in the Enterprise version.

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