Integrating Moodle and Office 365 for Education

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We’re continuing to build the list of integration resources that we provide for Moodle, so that schools, TAFEs and universities can integrate their Moodle platforms more securely with the rest of their existing infrastructure. This is a common goal for central IT teams, where they want to ensure their users (both staff and students) are able to move seamlessly between their different systems, and their data isn’t locked into a single platform. For example, rather than having learning resources locked away within their Learning Management System it’s possible to use the content management of SharePoint, and storage space of OneDrive (the new name for SkyDrive), to ensure that users have access even when they are not using Moodle directly, or to provide content management such as version control for staff. In the past I’ve written about the SkyDrive/OneDrive plugin for Moodle and the Moodle kit for Windows Azure.

imageThe latest plugin from Microsoft integrates Moodle with Office 365 and OneDrive. This allows teachers to create courses and assignments in Moodle that can be read, edited, and submitted by students in SharePoint.

The download package incudes:

  • Moodle and Office 365 Step-by-Step Guide: Federation using Active Directory Federation Services
    This guide walks you through the setup of a basic lab deployment of Moodle, Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0, and Windows Azure Active Directory to perform cross-product, browser-based identity federation.  Once you have the single-sign (SSO) experience setup, you can automate user provisioning and user enrolment in Moodle through your Office 365 system.
  • Moodle-Office 365 User Installation Guide
    This document provides step-by-step instructions to configure and install the Microsoft provided plugin for integration with Moodle. It also describes the new features that are enabled by this plugin.
  • Moodle Release Package
    This installation package contains PHP files and related resources that a developer can use to create the plugin.

Learn MoreDownload the Moodle and Office 365 integration resources and guidance

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Comments (22)

  1. KC says:

    This is an interesting article, but how do you link Moodle and the Education version of Office365?  This requires one to have yet another account and all authentication with Azure…. Most individuals like myself are looking for a plugin that uses their own AD Authentication with is synched with the Office365 Education version….And in turn provides the ability to upload and download documents form the Onedrive repository in Moodle….

  2. B. Meyer says:

    I agree with KC. We do not utilize Windows Azure, but would love an article explaining how to get OneDrive for Business to integrate into Moodle. We already use ldap_sync to create accounts in Moodle (much easier than the article is), but if there's a simpler way to integrate Office 365/ADFS into Moodle for just OneDrive for Business, that would be awesome!

  3. DS says:

    Agree with the other posters here.  There really needs to be a way to integrate Moodle and Office 365 without using Azure.  Our school is using Moodle and we are now trying to heavily push Office usage across the board.  However, we have certain teachers using Google Calendars because it integrates into Moodle without any effort or IT intervention.  How can it be so difficult to do something similar with Office 365?

  4. CJS says:

    Agree with the above. We need to be able to allow students the ability to see their OneDrive for Business repository in the Moodle file picker. Our school is using Office 365, but if we can't integrate it into Moodle, we'll have to have them all start using Google Drive, which is easily linked.

  5. D Baron says:

    I'd really like the ability to integrate onedrive for business into moodle as well it would be a very useful feature.

  6. A Gorton says:

    Agree with all of the above. Want to integrate what we have not have to do something new

  7. H Patel says:

    Agree with all the above.  A plugin allowing One Drive for Business (as comes with the Education plans)to be used within Moodle without an Azure account would be great.

  8. Roger Emery says:

    Agree that we need a repository plug-in that works as per the OneDrive Repository plug-in.

    We have moved to Education 365 and OneDrive for Business and have used Moodle for a long time. Staff and students are used to using the Google and DropBox Repositories which work well. I will not release the OneDrive repository as it will just cause confusion when they are unable to access their university 365 OneDrive for Business accounts.

    Why does it need to be different and so complicated?

    Roger Emery

    Learning Technologies Development Manager

    Southampton Solent University

  9. K. Butler says:

    Has anyone been able to get this plugin to work?  I am trying to directly authenticate against an identity provider (Office 365) I have set up in ACS.  A Fiddler trace reveals that ACS is returning a token, but Moodle doesn't seem to be able to read the information in the token.  It tries to create an entry in the mdl_users table, but that entry doesn't contain First, Last, email, etc.

  10. Erika A says:

    I agree with Roger Emery, same situation in our institution

    If we use Microsoft Education, we hope we can integrate it with most commonly used applications for Education, in this case Moodle.

    We use Azure for authentication a few years ago, but we had some problems so we turned to restructure our infrastructure.

  11. Rose P says:

    Can we see a demo for this integration?  

    How the students will see the courses of Moodle into Office 365?

    I can't imagine…

  12. Daemon says:

    What is the point of a blog if you don't answer people's questions? I see alot of questions, but now answers. Guess I'm moving on.

  13. Drew P says:

    I agree.  We just went through migrating from Google Apps to Office 365.  Everything works EXCEPT the OneDrive Repository on Moodle because Microsoft for Education uses the OneDrive for Business model for cloud storage.  This seems like something that can be set up on the Microsoft side to choose between personal or business.  Really need someone at Microsoft to see this and address it.  

  14. moff P says:

    would be great if this could work as suggested would allow us to adopt one drive fully.

  15. Joey B says:

    In response to previous comments on how Google is easier to integrate, why not OneDrive, etc – here is an an announcement from last Friday by Jean Paoli on some details of the MS Open project on O365/Moodle.

    OneDrive, OneNote, & Outlook calendar integration are all on scope.

    Remote-Learner are doing some of the tech on this –…/New-Moodle-Integrations-with-Microsoft

  16. Ray says:

    Thanks for the comment Joe. Unfortunately, although I knew that work was going ahead, there wasn't any public information I could share. It's great to know that it's now been announced, and with a delivery date promised of January, it's just around the corner.

    There has been quite a lot of work put into Moodle and Microsoft integration recently (see my other posts on Moodle on the blog) and there is a real sense of momentum and partnership between MS and various Moodle partners around the world that's growing.


  17. Stuart Morrison says:


    I worked my way through the booklet available from the download link although I am stuck at the bit on page 30 where it says open the folder of the installation package.

    It is not in the zip file that I can find.

    It is a nice idea and I was very much looking forward to enabling SSO for students and integrated working although I am now googling for a solution to both as neither work.

    Hey Ho!

  18. Glen Harrison says:

    I agree with all of the above.  Yet another idea without any back end thinking.  I do wonder if these Microsoft Techies actually leave the MS campus and go see what it's like in the real world.  Dangling that carrot again 😉

  19. Steve B says:

    Is there an Office 365 API which would allow one to create the same functionality as the Google Docs repository (i.e. students can choose files from their Google Drive in the file picker area of Moodle)? The code package I downloaded from Moodle and Office 365 Guidance has various modified core Moodle files in it which is not at all desirable.

  20. Ray Fleming says:

    Please note that this information has now been superseded by further work we have been doing with the Moodle community. Specifically we've info on announcements and code releases of Moodle and Office 365 and OneDrive for Business integration. More information here…/moodle-integration-with-office-365-how-to-get-it.aspx

  21. Doug Mahugh, MS Open Tech says:

    Thanks for point that out, Joey. Yes, Remote-Learner is working with our team (MS Open Tech) on a new set of Moodle plugins to simplify integration between Moodle and Office 365 services, including OneDrive.

    One point of potential confusion here is that the consumer OneDrive offering and OneDrive for Business are different services, with different APIs, so plugins designed for one of the two services won't work for the other one. The OneDrive team is working to address those differences, and we're in close touch with them because we want to provide a seamless experience for Moodle users. The plugins released this week (…/moodle-office365) work with OneDrive for Business, and we'll be adding support for OneDrive consumer soon as well.

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