Update 3: Microsoft Surface RT Education offer in Australia

One of the most frequent questions that we’ve been asked about the Microsoft Surface RT offer for education customers in Australia (the offer is for education institutions to be able to order the Microsoft Surface RT from AU$219) is “can I get the Surface RT Education offer in stores, rather than ordering online from Microsoft?”

Well, up until now the answer has been ‘no’, but we’ve realised that we could be a little be more flexible…

So now the answer is ‘Yes’!

Here’s how it works:

  • Education institutions are able to go to their local Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi and place an order, referencing the Limited Time Education Offer
  • The institution and retailer agree on method of payment and delivery details
  • Retailer forwards the order to Microsoft for validation that they are a valid education institution that meets the criteria
  • Once the order’s been validated, the retailer can supply the devices

This retail option means that you can get a faster and more efficient purchase route, and supply from a local business.

Just in case you’ve missed it before, here’s a quick summary of the Surface RT Education offer in Australia: Education institutions qualify for the offer to buy Microsoft Surface RT, starting at AU$219, until the end of September 2013.

Learn MoreHere’s where you can get all the details on the Surface RT education offer in Australia, and here’s my previous updates – Update 1 and Update 2.

Comments (9)

  1. Ted says:

    Thank you for the updates, Ray. Very much appreciated.

    I think this is an excellent move by Microsoft…I only wish I hadn't placed my order already.

    Just one thing. In this update the 64GB model of the Surface RT is mentioned, but on the order form only the 32GB model is listed. Could you clarify this point for me?

    Thanks again!

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Ted

    Thanks for the question.

    <innocent face>

    What reference to 64GB model?

    </innocent face>

    <confess mode=on>

    Whoops – you're right, I incorrectly included the reference to 64GB in the last italicised paragraph above. I've no idea why, as the deal is for the 32GB version. So I've now deleted the reference!



    Wow, did that get too geeky?


  3. Ted says:

    It was borderline…but I'll allow it 🙂

    Thanks again, Ray.

  4. Darren says:


    Are there any other options for students to access this great deal if their educational institute aren't going to pass on this offer.


  5. Kay says:

    There are staff and students at our school who would like to take up this offer but the school is not opting in for this.  It would be great if individual students and staff could purchase these.

  6. Ned says:

    As above. If the school does not want to purchased the tablets. Is there a way for student or staff to access the deal?

  7. David Costin says:


    Can you identify some  in qld/australia using the rt or surface pro. With thanks

  8. Paul Larkin says:

    Hi Ray

    I just wanted to thank you for the updates, they have been most helpful.

    My school has just implemented a program with 110 Surface RTs (thanks to the educational pricing!). The tablets are up and running across the school using some excellent on-line learning tools and of course the built in MS Office suite. The flexibility and reliability the Surface RT provides to my staff and students is essential to our ICT program. With a ratio of 1 device to 3 students, we can now provide the level of access required to see real outcomes for students in all year levels.

    Thanks again.

  9. Mel says:

    Is the offer available on Surface 2 ?

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