nsquared missing card: free Windows 8 education apps from nsquared

Here's another free Windows 8 education app from nsquared. Like their other apps, it's ideal for pre-school and primary school children, and is designed to support collaborative learning – allowing groups of students to work together on a single Windows 8 touch-enabled PC or tablet.


nsquared missing card

nsquared missing card is designed to help develop pattern matching and object recognition skills in young children. It's a multi-player memory game for up to four students to match overturned cards. The players can turn over their three cards to see which one matches the next in sequence. Once each player has decided on the card they think will be next, they keep the other two cards in their hand face down.

It's a great app for small group learning, and encourages your students to learn from each other. Multi-Touch interaction allows for multiple students to use nsquared missing card at the same time. The app is free, and then there are optional activity packs available as an in-app purchase.

The great thing about this app, and the other apps from nsquared, is that they are designed to get students working together. A few years ago I worked on a video showing the original Microsoft Surface in a primary school classroom in England (see video embedded below). Although it was very exciting to see students dive in and start collaborating on learning challenges, the major barrier was the cost of the interactive hardware needed to support this style of learning.

Now, with genuine multi-touch Windows 8 devices in the classroom at very low cost. The new Windows 8 slates are perfect for this activity, as you can lay them flat in the middle of a desk, and four students can gather around them.

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