Update 2: Windows 8 Education apps in the Windows Store


I thought this week I'd highlight three Windows 8 education apps that have been created by universities -

DePaul Windows 8 app 

DePaul University – College of Computing and Digital Media

Windows Store link for DePaul University Windows 8 app
The DePaul College of Computing and Digital Media Windows Store App enables students to keep up to date with CDM news & events, courses, professors, and computer lab availability. It contains information for searching for and contacting staff, finding computer labs and their availability, and information on each of the courses offered

SSES Windows 8 app 

Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

Windows Store link for SSES Windows 8 app
The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship has created an app that acts as a shop front for their four member institutions, by making some of their content accessible to a wider audience.  As well as a news feed, which comes from their existing official RSS feed on their website, there's also information on their staff and faculty, events and recordings of lectures and talks. It's the video section, enabled from their YouTube feed and favourites, that grabbed my attention, as one of the first set I saw was a series of talks from Hans Rosling (of TED talk fame), and that lost me a few hours as I listened to more of his wisdom.

Stanford University Windows 8 app 

Stanford University

Windows Store link for Stanford University Windows 8 app
The Stanford University app is a well designed app, that looks very smooth, and contains tons of content, mainly in the form of recorded lectures and talks. They have a range of featured talks, with attention grabbing titles, including:

  • Donald Knuth: All Questions Answered
  • Good Boss, Bad Boss: A peek inside the minds of the Best (and Worst)
  • Strategic Innovation: Design Thinking in Business

And then a series of topic-based sections:

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Computer Science and Security
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management

For each of these topics, there's between five and 10 hours of content available.

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