The Windows Store is now open to all developers


If you are thinking of programming Windows 8 apps, then you might like to know that we've just crossed the last major threshold for publishing apps in the Windows Store from an Australian perspective. In the first round you had to be a company to setup an account to publish an app in the Windows Store (See Windows Store is now open for paid apps, company accounts).

Now we've announced that everybody, including individuals, can set up a developer account to publish your apps on the Windows Store. And even better, many of you can get your developer account free:

  • If you're an MSDN subscriber, you can get a free, one-year developer account as part of your MSDN subscription.
    For the main subscriptions, including Visual Studio Professional, Test Professional, Premium and Ultimate
  • If you're a new start up, you can get it free as part of your BizSpark program
    BizSpark is a global programme that provides free subscriptions to MSDN (for development tools), Windows Azure (for cloud services and integration), other Microsoft software and training.
  • If you're a student or academic, you can get it free as part of your DreamSpark subscription
    DreamSpark is a scheme that gives students and academic institutions access to developer and designer tools free.

Getting started is easy—just go to the Windows Store Dashboard on the Windows Dev Center and sign up. The dev tools are free, the SDK is ready, and we have supporting content to help you build your app and submit it for Store certification.

Learn MoreRead the full details on the 'Windows Store for Developers' blog

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