Windows 8 Programming–a full course from Faculty Connection

imageThree new tertiary level courses are now available on Faculty Connection each with instructor guides, PPTs, labs/tutorials, and videos. There are tons of courses on the site, and although they are designed for tertiary students, I'm convinced that they are useful for many others too, including high school students, or for developers in business who are looking to develop new skills.

The courses are modular for easy integration into existing curricula:

  • Designing for Modern UI  - 11 modules that provide lectures and tutorials on how to design for the new Windows 8 UI. The content is 100 Level (ie you don't need to be a rocket surgeon to use these materials) and can be used as part of a UI/UX class or for self-paced independent learning. The focus of the content is on the Windows UI style design. This material is suitable for any tertiary student, including business, social sciences, liberal or fine arts, students who may have little or no computer programming background. There are no programming skills required and the early modules start from basics and build skills required for more advanced topics. Because this content can be used as part of an Academic class it includes background information, describing problems that are being solved, and provides background information as well as terminology that relate to Human Computer Interaction (HCI).
  • App Development for Modern UI – 9 modules cover fundamental concepts of developing a Windows 8 app using JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 with Microsoft tools and resources.
    The scope of this curriculum covers the fundamental concepts of developing Metro style apps using JavaScript. Throughout the curriculum, you will find references to more advanced topics that are suitable for follow-up assignments.
  • App Development for Modern Devices - advanced course that covers development systems for phones, tablets, and desktop computers. It focuses on network aware software, interfaces for touch and NUI devices, augmented reality and graphics programming.

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