Who’s office. Ours. In Austria

Darn, I moved to the wrong country. How nice would it be to work in the Microsoft Austria office?

Our office in Sydney is a very, very nice place to work – the open plan, activity based working layout setup is brilliant (It’s about what you do, not where you do it). But I will admit to a hint of envy when I saw the slideshow on the Innocad website, when I saw what they’d done at our Vienna offices. An open plan meeting area with a slide. Meeting rooms with personality.

Microsoft Austria's slide in the office

Click on the image below for a look around


Probably a good time to mention that we’ve just been named Australia’s Best Employer 2012?

Comments (2)

  1. I dunno – my guess is the acoustics in that sauna-room are horrible and look at the one pic of the actual workers room; stark white and side-by-side tables, not even cubicles… I suspect you are much better off in Sydney!

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