I’m Out of Office – and so is my email inbox

This week, I’m actually in the States at our Global Education Partner Conference in Seattle (right up on the left hand side of the US map). As usual, I tried to be a little creative with my Out Of Office Reply:


Oops! Looks like I’m not here, keep reading…

I'm over in the States from 6th February until Tuesday 14th February at the Microsoft Global Education Partner Summit. During this time, I'll be able to check my emails during the night Sydney-time, but will be attending business meetings all of the working day, so will be slow and limited in how I can respond (and let's face it, after flying back overnight, I'll probably be slow and limited on the 14th too!)

I will be fully online again on Wednesday 15th February.

If there is anything absolutely desperate that you'd need to escalate, the Education team and the Enterprise Partner Team are still around.




But I discovered that I have some much more creative colleagues (but not in the sarcastic way of some of the Best Out of Office replies from Dave Duarte). Jason Trump is a colleague from our APAC team, and his out of office reply is awesome:


Where am I?

This one is an easy one!  The Starbucks empire of more than 17,000 stores in 55 countries started here from a modest store located directly across the road from Pike Place Market.

The world’s largest online bookstore Amazon.com is also headquartered in this city.  Boeing assembles several of their commercial aircraft in several plants around the city including the Dreamliner 787 which is assembled at the Everett Factory.

You probably guessed that I’m in Seattle, Washington State, USA.

This business trip is for partner events related to the Global Education Partner Summit (GEPS).  Held annually at the Executive Briefing Centre building at Microsoft’s Redmond campus, GEPS is a 4 day event especially for our top education partners. I’m also attending a pre-meeting and additional side-meetings during the course of the week.

I will have regular email access throughout the day so there shouldn’t be a significant delay in responding to urgent messages, except for the time difference.

Please try to refrain from calling my mobile as the timezone will likely mean you’ll be calling me at an hour when I should be sleeping (but probably won’t be thanks to jetlag!). If it’s urgent though, go ahead +xxxxx.

Kind regards,



When I got it, it made me smile, and I learnt something from the links. How often do you get an Out Of Office reply that makes you smile?

When was the last time your Out of Office will have made somebody smile?

What would be the education equivalent of an Out of Office that would make the receiver smile and educate them? (This is what Comment boxes were created for on blog sites Smile)

Comments (2)

  1. James Colbert says:

    Not the most professional and may not make everyone smile but:

    Thank you for your message, which has been added to a queuing system.

    You are currently in 352nd place, and can expect to receive a reply in approximately 7 weeks.


  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Well, 'professional' is a relative thing. One colleague I had used to put on an Out Of Office when he was on holiday that was something like "I am out of the office on holiday. When I get back I'll delete all my email inbox. If your email is important, please remember to send it to me again when I get back"

    Doesn't work for everybody!


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