The most popular blog posts on the Office in Education blog 2011

Office in Education blog

I keep an eye on the ‘Office in Education’ blog, which is run by the team that create Microsoft Office over in the States. If you’ve got a list of blogs you read through an RSS reader, it’s worth adding their RSS feed to keep in touch with their news and ideas. For an idea of the kind of content they publish, here’s a list of their 10 most popular blog posts:

  1. How to insert symbols and special characters into a Word document
    I’d never known about this until I read the blog post. You can quickly add symbols or special characters by using the Maths AutoCorrect feature in Word. So next time you need an infinity symbol, or an unusual currency sign, follow the instructions on this handy blog post.
  2. Microsoft Word formats bibliographies for you
    A time saver for students and academics - instructions on how to use Word to create bibliographies in a range of common formats
  3. Tackle your math homework with Microsoft Mathematics
    A full-featured, and free, graphic calculator for Windows
  4. Windows Phone 7 and App Hub — build apps and get paid!
    Near the top of the ‘most read list’ probably because students realise that they can make money writing phone apps
  5. Solve equations and plot graphs in Word and OneNote (video)
    Another free add-in - Microsoft Mathematics - to help students write and then chart visualise formulae
  6. The secret to converting your presentation into a video
    I use this often, so that I can then upload presentations onto YouTube or share them with others
  7. Windows Phone 7 comes with OneNote Mobile
    Possibly the best way to sync notes, lists and even lesson plans between devices
  8. Free gradebook template for Excel 2010
    Just one of the hundreds of education templates on the Office website
  9. Blinded me with science: Introducing the Chemistry Add-in for Word
    Did you know that you can use Word to create molecular images and chemical formulae with a free add-in
  10. How to create your own class blog or website for free
    A quick guide to creating class blogs, and also info on how to get the free Windows Live Writer, which is an excellent (and free) blog-writing tool that’s part of Windows Live Essentials

Learn MoreThere are 11 different Office blogs from the main team - including one for each of the main products in the Office suite

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