Homework is all about learning – yours and theirs

I think I’m a pretty dab hand at PowerPoint, but that hasn’t stopped my kids showing me some pretty impressive things I’ve learnt from. So, whilst the video below is an advert, I reckon it’s happening in real life in households all around Australia on a regular basis.

Next time you’re preparing a presentation, maybe ask your kids for help - I bet you’ll both learn something.

  • You’ll learn something about PowerPoint
  • They’ll learn something about what you’re planning to talk about


And in related news…I can’t use Publisher. My 11 year-old uses it all the time (party invites last night). But fortunately she still needs my high-tech skills - because she can’t turn the wireless printer on - it’s on top of a cupboard Smile

Comments (4)

  1. Mark Twells says:

    It's a shame that the whizzy 3D version would be regarded as poor presentation in GCSE in the UK. It is unclear where the tops and bottoms of the bars lie against the scale, so the original, "boring" 2D chart was better presented.

    That's the trouble: a triumph of presentation over content wows everyone, but doesn't get the job done.

  2. @mark not to mention that this is really the best presentation they could come up with? I get it that the kid hasn't been to design school, but since there are tons of free assets on the web and MS ships some as well, why does it look like crap? Why does nearly every freaking MS commercial look like it was put together by a medium-sized company’s underpaid marketing staff?

  3. Mark Twells says:

    Shame you removed the video. Great example of how not to do it.

  4. Ray Fleming says:

    Darn – not sure where the video has gone – it *was* on the official Microsoft YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/…/Microsoft) but somehow it's been removed. And a quick search doesn't reveal where it's gone.

    So here's an alternative set, which might actually be useful for the classroom too:

    "Presentation in History", created by a Seattle Agency


    Great for a hints and tips set of videos when you're setting a class activity

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