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Microsoft is a big place - with tens of thousands of people designing, creating, coding and building things around the world. There’s simply too much going on to keep up with it all. With just under 100,000 staff, it’s the equivalent of trying to keep up with what’s happening in every government school in NSW and Victoria put together.

And as a result, I’m often catching up on new developments at the same time as you may be (if you’re an avid reader of other Microsoft blogs!). One of my favourite blogs to keep ahead of the curve is the Next at Microsoft blog, written by Steve Clayton, an old colleague from the UK. Steve’s a natural story-teller, and he has managed to get access to some of the amazing work going on behind the scenes in our research labs.

Four days ago, Steve linked to a Microsoft Research video on the ‘HoloDesk’, which takes some of our latest inventions to a whole new level. If you’ve seen Kinect in action, you’ll be familiar with the concepts, but when you see where they’ve taken this, I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

Watch the Microsoft Research team share their work on the HoloDesk

What learning experiences could this allow you to create for your students? What’s not possible today that would be with this? And which sci-fi films now look slightly old fashioned?

Learn MoreRead more about this project on the Next at Microsoft blog

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  1. Mohammad says:

    I like Microsoft and I believe that Microsoft has greate Ideas in define net thing and it's a greate place to work, but when you look at the history, you can find the real problem of Microsoft not in the estimating the next step in technology, but in finding the right way to doing that in such a way that apple do.

    I think the main problem of Microsoft is in the way of bring something in real life.

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