Business Intelligence in Universities – Briefing event co-hosted by Microsoft and CALUMO – 12 October

We’re co-hosting a free ‘Business Intelligence in Universities’ event in Melbourne on the morning of the 12th October, at our Freshwater Place offices. It will be a focused roundtable event, where you’ll be able to learn from the experiences of other universities, as well as the speakers from Microsoft and CALUMO.

Senior executives from both Finance and ITC will benefit from attending the event.   It’s an opportunity to learn what your peers are doing, have achieved and the lessons learned.

CALUMO, who are specialists in applying effective Business Intelligence at Higher Education Providers, will bring you up to date on trends and achievements in the Higher Ed sector, including

  • Top BI implementation lessons for Universities
  • Exposing Load Planning from out of the ‘black box’
  • Course profitability – is it a dirty word(s)?
  • Issues around Research Reporting and compliance
  • Making budgeting and forecasting useful to everyone involved
  • How to trust your data
  • How the value of the Finance & IT Teams were recognised in previous projects

The Microsoft speakers will provide updates on the key capabilities and the next evolution of the MS offering, including;

  • The current version of MS SQL Server 2008 R2, and what’s coming in the next release, code named “Denali”
  • Data Mining to better understand trends and relationships (for Alumni donations, student planning, learning analytics)
  • Master Data Management and BI Symantec layer – Cleaning and managing data
  • Statistical forecasting and predictive analytics
  • Enhanced visualisation for information delivery.

We will also discuss how Universities are managing Cost Reduction, obtaining extra value from existing licensing arrangements and delivering at lower cost to the Uni.

The best value from the briefing will be achieved through having an attendee from both Finance and IT, so that both the user-perspective and the IT-services perspective can be discussed.

If you’d like to get an invitation to this briefing, then drop an email to Mike Henegan at Calumo, who will provide full details for event, which is from 9:00AM to 11:00AM on the 12th October

Learn MoreEmail Mike Henegan for more info

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